Water can be a hassle. Let us design a system that works for your property! 

Our Drainage Services

Effective property drainage is the cornerstone of a well-designed landscape, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. At AP Lawn and Landscape, we specialize in landscape-level drainage solutions that mitigate the risk of water damage and erosion. Our expert team assesses the unique topography of your property to implement strategic grading, install proper drainage systems, and incorporate sustainable practices. From rain gardens that enhance natural drainage to innovative permeable surfaces, we prioritize solutions that not only redirect water efficiently but also contribute to the overall health and longevity of your outdoor space. Trust us to transform your landscape into a harmonious environment where water flows seamlessly, protecting your property and enhancing its visual allure. 


  • Natural Drainage Ditch Installation 
  • French Drain Installation 
  • Dry Well Installation 
  • Rip Rap and River Rock Installation 
  • Down Spout Piping and Popups 
  • Hard Surface Drain Installation

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