Lawn Maintenance




  What is Professional        Lawn Care?

Professional lawn care starts with the expertise and know-how to make your yard look like a masterpiece! Offering both residential and commercial services, AP Lawn and Landscape has got you covered.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance including:

  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Blowing
  • Biweekly Edging 

  Core Aeration and              Thatch Removal 

Core aeration is the mechanical extraction of plugs that are approximately 3 inches long and about the width of a finger. Aeration reduces soil compaction, increases air exchange and fertilizer intake, and builds a thicker, healthier, more drought tolerant lawn. Afterwards the plugs are left on the lawn surface to break down and regenerate into lawn nutrients. 

Lawn de-thatching is the process of dragging metal tines through lawn surfaces to remove the dead, decomposing grass (or thatch) layer. A buildup of thatch can lead to lawn disease and a decrease in drought tolerance. 



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