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Welcome to our world of transformative landscapes, where nature meets design to create harmonious outdoor spaces that captivate the senses. At AP Lawn and Landscape, we are dedicated to turning your landscaping dreams into reality. Our skilled team combines artistic flair with horticultural expertise to craft bespoke environments tailored to your unique vision. Whether you seek a serene oasis for relaxation, or a vibrant garden bursting with color, or a functional outdoor living space for entertaining, we bring creativity and precision to every project. From concept to completion, we prioritize sustainable practices and top-tier materials, ensuring your landscape not only enhances the beauty of your property but also stands the test of time. Explore the possibilities with AP Lawn and Landscape, where each project is a masterpiece in the art of landscaping.

What We Offer 

At AP Lawn and Landscape we have a wide range of expertise allowing us to create your picture perfect landscape.


These services include:

  • Mulch Installation 
  • Decorative Stone Installation 
  • Landscape Bed Edging 
  • Planting 
  • Light Tree Trimming 
  • New Landscape Design 
  • Property Clean-ups
  • Hedge Trimming 
  • Landscape Lighting 
  • Perennial Winterization 
  • Sod Installation 

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